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VIDEOGAME: forget-me-not

~~~~~~~ GREEN ANT SOUND coming 7/7/17 on ZZAAPP Records ~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~ ANIMISM album out now ~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~ videogame works in progress ~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~ who are you ~~~~~~~

hi! i am a person called brandon.
i'm from tropical north australia, but now live down south where it gets cccccold.
i make music & videogames in my spare time.

i've been programming since i was a kid with C64 BASIC.
nowadays, i use my dodgy li'l home-made game engine, coded in C/C++.
i like making cute/trippy arcade games.
they're not really about anything much (so far?),
just the joy of movement, colours & shapes, and things whooshing about & exploding.

i've been messing around with sounds since 1997 or so.
i played in a band and was a recording engineer for a bit,
but mainly i just make electronic musics at home on my laptop.
(been getting into cassettes again lately too. tape compression and hiss <3)
they are inspired a lot by nature. powerful magical nature..
i don't really make dance music, though sometimes i try.
i like music that feels like a place.
ok really i just like making weird/annoying/relaxing sounds.
i'm now releasing new music properly instead of letting it rot on hard drives forever. yay!

ok bye!