a super new version of Forget-Me-Not!

available in the Fantastic Arcade 2017 bundle -> HERE!
that's the only place you can get it for now..

and you can buy FMN tshirts and stickers! DUNGEON SICKNESS

how's it different to the old FMN? it's pretty much the same old game, but newly built in BEARtech7 (it's a bit fancier because i learnt how to code better) with a bunch of new stuff, tweaks, graphics, secrets.. and more to come!

is this coming out on iOS n stuff? yep it should be eventually, in some form! i'm going to keep working on it for longer, then when it's done done, release on every platform i can. for the moment, it's exclusive to Fantastic Arcade - it was they who commissioned it to put in a tiny cute arcade cabinet, and made me get inspired to finally revive this thing!

configuration? press 'o' for the options menu. changes of videomode need a quit+reload to take effect. there's no custom keybinding or joystick support yet. i hear JoyToKey works well! see info.txt for more info.txt..

it doesn't work on my linux install! d'oh! sorry. this is my first attempt at releasing linux software. i built it on arch and don't know how compatible it is with other flavours. i'll try to make it moreso in a future build..

what's the 'R' stand for? remix, revivified, rerelease, rancheros, rcade... rambutans? you can pronounce it "forget-me-notter" if you like. 8)

thx! <3 B.