another little side project.. abstract city generator.. begun as an interpretation of autechre/acroyear2.. WIP.




nightcliff EP

been in the mood for music making lately..

here’s a little sort of droney ambient EP i made many years ago and never really released, which i still really like..


got nice solid platform collision (with slopes!) working, before becoming distracted by other things… no more can cats fly through walls.

my vague plan for this game is:
- make in-game level editor
- make lots of levels. no procedural generation!
- lay all the levels out in a nonlinear world map type structure which you can traverse at will
- keep it quite simple

still don’t know what exactly you do in the game yet. i’d like to make it some kind of exploration arcade game maybe..



i’m relaxing this weekend making a simple little arcadey platformer. don’t know what it is yet. i’ve been vaguely trying to make things like this for years but never been able to get them working right..


fmn2 begin

forget-me-not II for ps vita is taking shape. here’s what it’s like so far..