1. Sam Corken

    Oh my goodness, is that Forget-Me-Not 2?! Please make whatever that picture represents happen. I still think that Forget-Me-Not is the best iOS game I’ve ever played on the platform, and to this day have not deleted my original copy…actually, maybe once, but that was to save drive space at that moment in time. I instantly re-downloaded it when I had the chance.
    If you make a new one, Brandon, I’ll instantly buy it. Make sure, however, to get some marketing… I know it’s probably really expensive, but I think the biggest problem the first one faced wasn’t connected to the game’s gameplay itself- it was that no one knew about it, and that’s a travesty. It’s too good to be as little known as it is.
    I’m glad that you basically took Pandemonium and improved upon it with new mechanics and gameplay tweaks. The visuals and sound effects perfectly blend with the atmosphere of the game (atmosphere in a mobile game?!). The controls are tight as hell, and the enemy AI are diverse enough that each enemy has their own personality, blending perfectly with how they look on-screen.
    The various modes of play (arcade, arena, etc.) give numerous amounts of different gameplay experiences, and the addition of two-player is much appreciated. Whenever I tell people what this game is like, I say “It’s Pac-Man mixed with a Dungeon crawler mixed with fantasy and sci-fi”. Pac-Man is always close to my heart, and the fantasy stuff (mages) is really fun. I also love the chain mechanics, as well as the grinding mechanic (although I’m not too good at it). I could talk almost endlessly about the other mechanics or nuances in the game, but you probably already know about them.
    The game also leaves you to interpret what each level would look like in a 3D space… Sometimes I find myself in neon-drenched arenas of mass chaos, and sometimes I’m stuck in a dark cathedral with rain drenching the earth outside. This game gives you the chance to use your imagination, an experience that very few games today can give.
    I could talk for another seven or eight pages, detailing the game and my love for it further, but I’ll spare you with this: please, please, PLEASE make a sequel. …. Or just make something entirely different. From what I have seen, you’ve got some creativity, and I will buy what you make. Thanks for the hours of fun I’ve gotten and continue to get out of FMN. Can’t wait to see what you make next, Brandon. Thank you so much.
    Your Fan,

  2. nyarlu

    WOW! thanks very much Sam =)

    yep yep, a sequel of sorts to FMN is happening..slowly. the original iOS one was actually super successful by my standards, i’m not bothered about its relative obscurity.. (it somehow got a lot bigger than many other well deserving games i reckon).

    really cool writeup you posted there, your description of what you imagine while playing it makes me really happy. you’re the first person i’ve ever seen say this stuff.. i too always feel like the game is taking place in some kind of really atmospheric environment.. enchanted forests.. tekno dungeons.. <3

    with the sequel i want to try to enhance that feeling, while keeping it as abstract as possible for imagination-room…got some ideas.. there will hopefully be some updates on it here in the near future…

  3. Luca

    Hey Nyarlu. I really want to thank you for Forget me not. It’s a real gem.
    I’ve bought the game some times ago and was having a lot of fun… problem begins when switching on ios 7.0. The games is not in app store anymore and I really miss it.
    Please Please upload a new version on appstore.

  4. nyarlu

    hi Luca! thanks! sorry about it being missing from the app store at the moment.. it’ll be back up soon (not a new version, just the same old one, but it still works on ios 7).. hopefully have it up in a few days

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