fmn2 begin

forget-me-not II for ps vita is taking shape. here’s what it’s like so far..


  1. Adam

    Just PS Vita? Will it be available for iOS…FMN is till one of, if not the best games i ever purchased and i still play it.

  2. nyarlu

    hey thanks heaps! :D i don’t know about iOS yet.. concentrating on Vita for now, and then i’d like to put it on whatever combo of PC/Mac/Linux/iOS i can manage.. still a long way off though..

  3. I thought this was “just” going to be a port of the original game. A proper FMN sequel you say? Oh man :)

  4. yay

    this looks lovely. i played a million hours worth of the first one. pc version would sure be mighty fine!

  5. ManekiNeko

    Eek! There’s a sequel! OMG there’s a sequel! And it looks great, too!

    Any chance I can convince you to make this game for the Android? I don’t own a Vita but I *do* have a Nexus 7 that’s almost surgically attached to my hands.

    (BTW, I reviewed the original game eons ago. Downloaded the PC version but the tweaks made to the gameplay made it less fun than the original on iPhone.)

  6. nyarlu

    thanks! Android version is unlikely, sorry.. I don’t have any Android things and know nothing about coding for them. whatever different platforms this one ends up on, it will be as identical as possible for each though…

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