1. Cigi

    Any chance of getting this on Android? That’s the only thing this isn’t on it seems.

  2. nyarlu

    someone started porting it at one stage but i’m pretty sure it’s fallen by the wayside, and i don’t have time or any android devices to attempt it myself.. so probably not, sorry to say

  3. nyarlu

    i had meant to put it on linux but never got round to it (lazy..lack of spare time..and i haven’t used linux much so lots to learn). if someone knows their way around c++/opengl and wants to port it i’m happy to send them the source! should be a fairly easy port i think..it uses FMOD ex for audio and SFML for window and input.

    oh yeah apparently it runs well in WINE, fwiw :)

  4. Sor

    Actually, if it’s alright, I think can take a shot at it myself. I’m currently just a student of computer science, but this could be a good project for practice.

  5. nyarlu

    sure! be warned, the code is terrible and messy :D i’m away from my pc atm, i’ll email you this evening (address you typed into the comment form ok? email me if not)

  6. Sor

    Yes, that email address is fine. I’ll do my best to make some sense of your code, and hope to get it sorted out. Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. RandomM00

    Any progress on a Linux version? Forget Me Not was a lot of fun on the Pandora!

  8. Keron

    Unbelievable creativity. Awesome work. Just gotta ask – what’s your high score, nyarlu?

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