1. Cigi

    Any chance of getting this on Android? That’s the only thing this isn’t on it seems.

  2. nyarlu

    someone started porting it at one stage but i’m pretty sure it’s fallen by the wayside, and i don’t have time or any android devices to attempt it myself.. so probably not, sorry to say

  3. nyarlu

    i had meant to put it on linux but never got round to it (lazy..lack of spare time..and i haven’t used linux much so lots to learn). if someone knows their way around c++/opengl and wants to port it i’m happy to send them the source! should be a fairly easy port i think..it uses FMOD ex for audio and SFML for window and input.

    oh yeah apparently it runs well in WINE, fwiw :)

  4. Sor

    Actually, if it’s alright, I think can take a shot at it myself. I’m currently just a student of computer science, but this could be a good project for practice.

  5. nyarlu

    sure! be warned, the code is terrible and messy :D i’m away from my pc atm, i’ll email you this evening (address you typed into the comment form ok? email me if not)

  6. Sor

    Yes, that email address is fine. I’ll do my best to make some sense of your code, and hope to get it sorted out. Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. RandomM00

    Any progress on a Linux version? Forget Me Not was a lot of fun on the Pandora!

  8. Keron

    Unbelievable creativity. Awesome work. Just gotta ask – what’s your high score, nyarlu?

  9. Joe

    Hi! I am really interested in your game. But I see that there hasn’t been any updates for iOS app in while. Do you still recommend the app for iphone 6?


  10. nyarlu

    Joe – I haven’t tried it on an iphone 6 myself yet… it doesn’t have retina resolution or support new screen size ratios etc, but i’ve been told it works fine, just so long as you don’t mind the graphics being slightly blurry and not filling up quite the whole screen. i still want to update it to support new ios stuff but i don’t have an ios device any more.. will get a new one eventually… =)

    Keron – it’s been soo long since i played, can’t remember! i know people overtook me on the leaderboards within a few days of the game coming out though >_< thanks for the comments!

  11. nyarlu

    turns out the guy who was doing the Android port did keep working on it, and it’s now been released. cool!

  12. Sheila Dedeaux

    Is this the game that shows you in t h e eyes of a person with dementia? I just this on the news. A few college students created this game?

  13. Sheila Dedeaux

    I s this the game shown on the news this morning? A few college students created this game. Is it ab out seeing in the eyes of a person with dementia?

  14. Wow, this game is really cool!
    I discovered your game thanks to Crossy Road, that has the Forget-Me-Not character: I got curious!
    It’s very hard to find your site by searching for forget-me-not, it was quite difficult to get here.
    Good work, the game is really intriguing. Are there any new progress on a Linux version? (even if the Windows version it’s fine on Linux via Wine) And is there any chance to see it coming to Windows Phone?
    Last thing: have you ever thought releasing the “best version” (as of today on iOS and Android only) on PCs too? You could release it on Steam or on the Humble Store or on GOG with the same price as the mobile version. I would buy it as soon as published! Other indie games did something like that, as Canabalt. And I think the keyboard control is quite better than the touch screen input!
    These are my 2 cents, good luck with any new project!

  15. nyarlu

    hey thankyou! no progress on Linux version, and i don’t know anything about Windows Phone so probably not, sorry..

    the reason why the PC/Mac version is stripped down was because it used to be expensive to license the audio framework i use, for commercial releases.. so i had to make it freeware – and it felt unfair to iOS players to charge for it on that platform but not on others.

    this has actually changed since then, low budget commercial games can now use the framework for free.. so i could charge for a full pc version. it’s mainly just a matter of me not having enough spare time, and the game being so old now (4 years) that it’s a hassle to work on it more… also i’m (very slowly) making a sequel, which /will/ be the same on all platforms, and probably a much better game, so i didn’t think it was worth it to go back. but hey.. don’t think i’ve ever had a request for this before (the iOS one doesn’t really add thaaaat much, mainly just Arena mode).. maybe i’ll see if i can remember how the code all works enough to update the PC version some time… hmm yeah that might be fun.. thanks for bringing it up! =)

  16. Albert

    Hey, i’m looking forward for this new PC update. Will it be released on Steam?

  17. nyarlu

    ta! the sequel is still a long way off.. and is at the moment only for PS Vita. when that’s done i’ll put it on PC, and yeah i’m sure i’ll try to get it on Steam :)

  18. Don't forget

    Hey! I remember this game making quite a ruckus when it came out but it is one I unfortunately didn’t buy. However, the concept grows more appealing the more I consider it: basically just adding a bunch of crap to a standard Atari maze game and have it interact in somewhat complex ecosystems and giggly ways. Critics were understandably enchanted by its cutesy wildness.
    Good luck with whatever sequels you’re working with. Meanwhile, a screen size update to the iOS version would be awesome. I’m sure you could get it featured on TouchArcade’s “Update Monday” news… I doubt many are buying it considering it doesn’t appear to have even iPhone 4 support. Anything anyone can do to bring back iOS classics is sweet, if only for a while.

  19. nyarlu

    hey, haha thanks! =) yeah i’ve started trying to update it a few times but there are complications (due to old and crappy, inflexible code mainly) and i never figure out quite how to go about it before getting sidetracked again.. it does at least run fine on all the different sized devices still. i’ll keep trying…

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